Mikiya Takimoto Works 1998-2023

Mikiya Takimoto Works 1998-2023


Publisher: Seigensha

This book covers the last 25 years in the career of Mikiya Takimoto, one of Japan’s leading commercial photographers and cinematographers (e.g., “Our Little Sister,” “The Third Murder,” and other films by Hirokazu Koreeda).

Divided into two parts, “Mikiya Takimoto Works 1998–2023” begins with Takimoto’s advertising photographs, featuring over 120 works for various brands and commercials (among them album covers for Mr. Children, photographs for Pokari Sweat and Toyota, and a series of images for Laforet Harajuku). The second part focuses on Takimoto’s work with moving images, including cinematography for over 70 commercials for companies such as Sapporo, Daiwa House, Suntory and McDonalds. Each commercial featured in the book is accompanied by a QR code for easy access to its video format.
Over 600 pages, “Mikiya Takimoto Works 1998–2023” traces Takimoto’s attempts to regard advertising as a space for expression.

“In today’s fast-changing world, ads come flooding out at us from seemingly every device. More and more, they are turning into so much extraneous “noise” that we skip through without a second thought, and that, indeed, makes Takimoto’s pursuit of the possibilities of advertising—grounded in his unwavering belief in the power of a single photo, a single 15-second spot—all the more valuable. His work may rightly be called a body of “advertising as art” like none other, and this book offers a satisfying look into his world, which ever seeks change even as it deepens.”
― from the publisher’s description


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