Napping Dog

Napping Dog


Publisher: Jiazazhi Press

In “Napping Dog,” Chinese photographer 214 makes use of the camera’s unique ability to capture wonder within everyday life. Shot in the province of Guizhou, “Napping Dog” consists of sequences and single shots of the small details that constitute the joy of life: the ripples on a water surface, the interplay of shadows giving someone a giant head, a single flower bloom floating in a spider web, hair glistening in the afternoon sun, and – of course – napping dogs, children and other people. 214 imbues these moments with an atmosphere similar to the moment when one suddenly wakes from a daydream, when everyday life is still tinted with a dreamlike aura.

“Living in this world, it seems that one is always looking forward to something worth seeing. Sometimes you are tired and drowsy, and your heart takes a rest. Your life lays down to the earth like a napping dog. But once when ssomething come to you, you would wake up all of a sudden, just like the sunlight flashing into the early morning.”
― from Wang Zengqi’s “Encounter,” the novel that inspired 214’s series

Keywords: China


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