To Be an Evening Breeze

To Be an Evening Breeze


Publisher: Jiazazhi Press

40 postcards + 1 booklet with an interview

This CARDLOG edition of Chinese artist 214’s series “To Be An Evening Breeze” precedes the photobook of the same title (published by Imageless) and presents each images printed on a separate, loose card.

With its jet-black, nightly scenes from rural China, the series forms an atmospheric, mysterious homage to the night.

While the photos, taken in the Gui Zhou province, feature eery elements like half-lit figures in the dark of the woods, the moon shining through trees, gloomy corners in villages and fields glowing in the night, reading the book is yet a calming experience. According to 214, the book is meant to relax the body, take its readers away from the city, and “under the guidance of the moon, the body begins to disappear, and we are turned into the Evening Breeze.”

This series is a gift from nature and a confession of nature to 214.
It is soft and powerful, mysterious and ordinary.
What it wants is to lose form, to wander in illusion. You are the wind.

This publication also includes a short booklet with additional images as well as an interview with artist 214 (in Chinese and English translation).


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Book Size
183 × 145 mm
Publication Year
Limited Edition

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