New Love

New Love

REN Hang

Publisher: Session Press

“It’s more natural if they’re not wearing clothes”

  • Ren Hang

Published on the occasion of Ren Hang’s first solo exhibition in Tokyo (held at Matchbaco Gallery June -July 2015) _New Love _marks the first official U.S monograph by the celebrated emerging Chinese photographer. Having taken the images in New York during the early months of 2015, Ren Hang’s New Love is a diaristic snapshot of his time spent in the city, capturing illuminated nude figures to moments shared with friends, New Love offers a more personal view of Ren Hang presenting his day to day life and his interactions set against the backdrop of the city skyline and landscapes which dominate the city.

Keywords: Nude Gender Staged


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210 x 297 mm
56 pages
Hard Cover
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