No One is Here For You

No One is Here For You

Julien LEVY

Publisher: LibroArte

Forced into a year of introspection and inactivity, Tokyo-based French filmmaker Julien Levy returned to photography to capture “the loneliness of young artists in a city that has forgotten about them”.

Working together with a range of actresses and models, Levy created a tale of waiting, frustration, melancholia and grim humour, consisting of portraits, cityshots and a lot of visual mood reminiscent of (and perhaps inspired by) the films of Wong Kar-wai and Hou Hsiao-Hsien.

“We were already lonely before this all happened. We’re just more conscious of it now. That’s all. Like insomniacs do, we see the world better, sharper, through the prism of hours spent far from anyone we love. Hours spent thinking, thinking, and more thinking, and when we think a lot, we always think about the same things; we think about love, we think about death.”
— from Julien Levy’s foreword

Keywords: Tokyo


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200 × 300 mm
142 pages
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English, Japanese

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