The Origin of Tokyo

The Origin of Tokyo

Shintaro SATO

Publisher: Seigensha

Photographs of Tokyo’s nightly skyline that manage to escape from cliche – Shintaro Sato’s new photobook “The Origin of Tokyo” offers an exciting, fresh look at an ever-changing city.
Shintaro Sato has been documenting Tokyo’s evolving landscape in photographs for the past 20 years. The “Origin of Tokyo” series was shot from emergency staircases and rooftops and show a look at the eastern part of the city, far away from the hyper-present neon districts of Shibuya and Shinjuku. Sato’s photographs offer more than mere documentary; they reveal the very soul of the city, where history, humanity and terrain intersect.

“Geological properties influence the way people design cities, and the combination of human activities, the history of the land itself, and the history of the city that grows upon it, eventually generates that city’s distinctive atmosphere – its “soul” so to speak. An “origin” is an underlying quality that greatly influences human behavior.”
— from Shintaro Sato’s afterword

Keywords: Tokyo Landscape

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