Kosuke Ichikawa

Publisher:  Soni.&Co.

“Odds & Sods” is the first artbook by Japanese painter and artist Kosuke Ichikawa. The book comprises 120 pages with Ichikawa’s latest series – called “Scratch Works” – created in 2018.
Ichikawa’s paintings are inspired by the short moment when images on social media sites have not fully finished loading and are shown in a blurry, abstract state; a moment when Ichikawa felt the closest to other people and their lives, to feel disappointed and alone when the images finish loading and are shown in clarity.
Created by painting layer upon layer of different inks and paints onto the canvas then scratching them off, Ichikawa’s haunting, beautiful images capture the fleeting moments of everyday, the daily experiences that are most threatened to disappear from memory:
“But if I paint them, my memories become objects, and these objects can in turn become part of other people’s memories… it’s that cycle that offers me relief.”

The book – designed by Yoshihisa Tanaka – ends with two long interviews featuring Ichikawa and fashion designer Takahiro Miyashita (TAKAHIROMIYASHITAThesoloist) and Yusuke Nakajima (artbook store POST owner & publisher).

Book Size
280 × 228 mm
128 pages, 108 images
Publication Date
English, Japanese
Limited Edition