Publisher: We Are Lucky Friends


On 600 pages, this substantial volume presents a vast selection of photographs taken by Go Itami between the years 2009 and 2022. As Itami explains in his statement, some of the photographs were originally intended for publication in other photobooks and others were shot as part of his regular walks through the city. Tied together by Itami’s distinct style that compresses space into a two-dimensional representation in which everything is in deep focus, the photographs—mostly everyday situations, unplanned arrangements, peopled urban landscapes and detail shots—range from simple, straightforward observations to complex visual explorations of themes and subjects. With “PPCC,” Itami opens up his own sketchbook of ideas and visual studies.

“Some of them were taken with the hope of being published in the respective collections, while others were taken while walking around with my camera on a regular basis and snapped aimlessly. In other words, these are photos that I have taken quite often and have accumulated on my PC without being able to publish them …
I was a little surprised, and frankly happy, to see photos taken more than 10 years ago and photos taken this year, which are not out of place in the book.”
― from Go Itami’s artist statement


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Book Size
210 × 140 mm
600 pages
Publication Year
English, Japanese
Limited Edition

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