Michael KENNA

Publisher: Shuppan-Kyodosha

“The human body is an absolutely amazing, mysterious miracle in a myriad of ways.”

Famous for his serene landscape photography, British artist Michael Kenna began shooting female nudes about ten years ago. In “Rafu,” published by Nazraeli Press, he presents a collection of nude photographs taken in collaboration with Japanese women – office workers, actresses, dancers, photographers – between 2008 and 2017.

Says Michael Kenna: “I view both historical and contemporary creative representations of the nude as open invitations to explore this esthetic challenge. My efforts may add little or nothing to the enormous existing mountain of artistic treasures, but that is not important. This is another chapter in an ongoing story.”

Book Size
298 × 205 mm
64 pages, 41 images
Saddle stitch binding, in triptych binder
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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