Scenes from Every Day Life


Scenes from Every Day Life


Publisher: Nippon-Camera

Cover damaged/slight tears (see photos)

Published by NC Photo Books and arranged by Kazuo Kitai, Kimio Jimbo’s _Scenes From Everyday Life _beautifully documents his time spent living in Shiroi-shi, a city located in the northern area of Chiba prefecture. Captured in-between 1979 and the 1980s, Kimio Jimbo photographed the everyday lives of the friends and families whom made up the fabric of his local community. From domestic scenes of objects found in homes, quiet portraits of his friends to snapshots of social gatherings, the images have all preserved the essence of a time very different to that of the modern lifestyles found today. Although photographed during a time different to our present day, Kimio Jimbo captured the familiarities of everyday life, recognizable and universal through its reflection of the personal and intimate moments of family, friends and community.

Keywords: Memory Snapshot

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192 × 264 mm
100 Pages
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Arrangement of Photographs
Kazuo Kitai

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