Selected Works

Selected Works


Publisher: Benrido

6 Collotype Prints

Benrido Atelier’s mini-portfolio “Saul Leiter: Selected Works” presents six Collotype prints selected from the master photographer’s work: “Purple Umbrella,” “Cap,” “Driver,” “Foot on El,” “Walk with Soames,” and an untitled piece. The rich, sensitive hues of Leiter’s color photographs are brilliantly expressed thanks to the Collotype process’s unmatched fine details and reproducibility.

This mini-portfolio was originally published to coincide with the exhibition “Forever Saul Leiter” at Bunkamura Museum in Tokyo (January-March, 2020).

Collotype, one of the oldest techniques of creating photographic prints, is a printing process that involves oil-based pigment inks. The technique is revered for its excellent reproducibility, the smoothness and depth of its textures and its strong durability. It is often employed for the reproduction of important cultural works. Benrido, founded in 1905 in Kyoto, is one of the most experienced collotype printing studios in the world.

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258 × 208 mm
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