sender / receiver

sender / receiver


Publisher: Self-published

Limited edition with drawing, flashlight and certificate

This tabloid is a record of an experiment of light and architecture by Yuji Hamada and Tamami Iinuma.
Yuji deals with the theme the visual perception from the aspect of the border between light and shadow, still-life and extraordinary, truth and untruth and produces photography.
Tamami searches on the focus of the correlation between architecture and printed matter, and makes artist book over the fields of architectural photography, editorial design and bookmaking.
This was published in winter 2014, during their temporal residency in Berlin.

Camera obscure is a contrivance of light which focuses into the landscape outside of the building on the room inside.
Nature send light and room receives light. It may be that nature and room are in correspondence of light.
We have seen light that nature sends to room, however, we have never seen light that room sends to nature.
Maybe our camera could receive the light of room instead of nature.
We set up some tricks inside of camera obscura to scan the light from room to nature.
This tabloid is a record of our experiment.

  • Yuji Hamada + Tamami Iinuma


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Book Size
340 x 200 mm
12 page
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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