Yuji HAMADA was born in Osaka,Japan.Yuji started to photograph seriously when he was 18.
He graduated from Department of Photography,College of Art,Nihon Univercity in 2003.Two years after the graduation he belonged to japanese fashion publishing company,INFAS Publications as a photographer and studio assistant.And Yuji became a freelance photographer in 2006.
Now base in Tokyo and London.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2013 - ''Pulsar+Primal Mountain'', Photo Gallery International, Tokyo, Japan

2005 - ''unknown'', digmeout Gallery, Osaka, Japan

Selected Group Exhibitions

2012- ''DUMMY BOOK AWARD'', Unseen photo festival,Amsterdam,Netherland

2012 - ''PREMIO COMBAT 2012'',Museo Civio G.Fattori ex Granai di villa Mimbelli,Livorno,Italy

2012 "DEAR"#1_Vision MAP, q17 studios,Madrid,Spain

2012 - ''The Magenta Foundation'',Flash Forward Festival 2011 Emerging Photographer, Fairmont Battery Wharfn, Boston, US

2012 - ''SNAP!2012 exhibition and live auction'', Canada’s National Ballet School, Toronto, Canada

2011 - ''The Magenta Foundation'',Flash Forward Festival 2011 Emerging Photographer, Airship 37 in the Distillery District, Tront,Canada

2010 - ''TAG BOAT Award Exbition'', Turnar gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2008 - ''Tomodachi Exbition'', digmeout Gallery, Osaka, Japan

2005 - ''Flow'', Art Beat Kyoto Festival, Kyoto, Japan

2004 - ''Flow#4Directions'', Gallery PUNCTUM, Tokyo, Japan

2003 - ''NINGEN DOUBUTUEN_Blink'', MIO Photo Award Exbition, Osaka, Japan

2002 - ''sight'', LE DECO Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2001 - ''13month'', Tokyo Photo Culture Museum, Tokyo, Japan


2013 - Winner UK,The Magenta Foundation,Flash Forward 2013 Emerging Photographer , CANADA/UK/US

2012 - REMIO COMBAT 2012 Photography category,Italy

2011 - Winner UK, The Magenta Foundation,Flash Forward 2011 Emerging Photographer, CANADA/UK/US

2011 - Honnorable mention,HEY HOT SHOT!A Jen Beckman Project honored, New York,US

2011 - Finalist,TOKYO FRONTLINE Contemporary Photography Award,Tokyo,Japan

2010 - Honnorable mention,HEY HOT SHOT!A Jen Beckman Project honored by TOD LIPPY,Esopus magazine,New York,US

2003 - Finalist,MIO Photo Award 2003, Osaka,Japan

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