photograph shashasha edition

Special Edition

photograph shashasha edition


Publisher: lemon books

Shashasha is pleased to present a special edition of Yuji Hamada's _Photograp_h. This edition is published in conjunction with Lemon Books, Photographers Gallery International and Shashasha books and includes a limited edition print within each publication, signed by Yuji Hamada.

"This is a photo book of a series of images that try to capture and seize light. Originally shot under the name “Pulsar” between 2005 and 2006, it was retitled “photograph” when published at P.G.I.(Photo Gallery International, Tokyo) in 2013.

Based on the fundamental thought “I want to paint light on photographic paper”, I photographed the light in places and spaces of everyday life in a way that makes it visible and tangible to the human eye.

In the process of creating the exhibition at PGI, and subsequently the book, I noticed the differences between the world-view embedded in the work made roughly ten years ago and my present-day thoughts regarding it, and so decided to use the simple word “photograph”, rather than “Paint Light”, to title the series."

(Artist statement)

Keywords: Conceptual
Book Size
364 x 257 mm
Print Size
254 x 203 mm
Box Size
390 x 287 x 25 mm
64 page
French binding,soft case
Publication Date
Limited Edition

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Signed C/M/Y



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