Summer Sublet

Summer Sublet


Publisher: Deadbeat Club

“time pulls and people move
on with their lives
out of state
into disaster
as a distant happiness.
hold them close.
dye your baby bangs
blonde while you still can.”
― Ward Long

“Summer Sublet” is a chronicle of a summer Ward Long spent living in a 100-year old house together with a group of five women after the artist had lost the lease on his flat. Used to living on his own, Ward was immediately captivated by the kindness, friendship, and intimate connections between his new housemates, and he began to document their life with the camera. The resulting photobook captures details from the house as well as its mismatched decorations and furniture (“When nothing matches, everything belongs”), intimate moments of the girls cuddling in bed, showing off tattoos or taking reading breaks on the sofa, and simply radiates with the warmth and strength that Long experienced that summer.


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Book Size
286 × 222 mm
80 pages
Publication Year
Limited Edition