Lula Books - Serena MOTOLA.

Lula Books - Serena MOTOLA.



For the first issue of their new line of photobooks, fashion magazine “Lula Japan” focuses on actor and model Serena Motola.
The lavishly designed photobook presents Motola in various different series. From stylized fashion shoots to surreal projects and private moments photographed by friends, “Lula Books: Serena Motola” exemplifies the expressive power of the medium of photography and the creative potential between photographer and model.

After opening with a fashion shoot by New York-based photographer Charlie Engman (for which Motola chose to do her own make-up and hair), the book continues with a mysterious series by Osamu Yokonami which casts Motola as a cat-like being in a mysterious forest. The fantastical world, created by Yokonami, Motola and a highly skilled team, provides the stage for more mature expressions. The third series in the book is a visual retrospective at Motola’s career trajectory and features works dear to the actress and model, from magazines to photobooks, CD covers and other visual media. The fourth part of the book, titled “all around her”, consists of more private, intimate photographs taken by Motola’s friend, the model Tsugumi.

The book ends with a series of conversations between Motola and people who have had a signifcant impact on her life, such as directors Shunji Iwai and Yuuka Eda, actress Aoi Yu, and her friends Tsugumi, Kurumi Emond and Bebe.
(All texts only included in Japanese language)


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246 × 191 mm
144 pages
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Signed 1995



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