Soft Opening 1

Soft Opening 1

Kawori INBE

Publisher: akaaka-sha

Kawori Inbe’s magazine-like portrait series “Soft Opening”.

“When someone can’t do what is normal for others; when they feel the urge to stop in place for some reason; when they want to destroy what they have just created; in moments when they feel like heading towards their own ruin, soft openings begin to show and the person becomes visible.”

For her first digital camera project, Inbe searched online for women to portray. After meeting her models, she thought of situations based on her impressions and the stories they told her, and realized them together with her subjects.

Each 8-page issue includes a print (2L size) and texts by each model explaining her motivations or circumstances (in Japanese).


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297 × 210 mm
8 pages
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