Imperfect Cats

Imperfect Cats

Kawori INBE

Publisher: akaaka-sha

“Imperfect Cat” is a collection of portraits by Japanese photographer Kawori Inbe. Four years after her critically acclaimed photobook “Time to go back... to the moon”, Inbe used her website to find 62 women to portrait.

In her sensitive portraits, Inbe decidedly avoids a perfect, stylized representation of her models, instead she openly embraces faults and imperfections.

“Inbe’s photographs go beyond the mere relationship of subject and photographer. They are the result of superimposing truth and fiction. She embraces the humor, the boldness that springs from open questions and feelings such as anger and sorrow.” — from the publisher’s description (translation by shashasha)

The book also includes texts by the models (in Japanese only), giving further depth to Inbe’s portraits.


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260 × 210 mm
154 pages
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