There is Hope but not for us


There is Hope but not for us


Publisher: Éditions Bessard

Includes an original signed C-Print

“There is plenty of hope, infinite hope,” the German writer Franz Kafka is quoted as saying to his friend and biographer Max Brod, “just not for us.” Vincent Delbrouck uses Kafka’s aphorism for the title of his new book, an eclectic work filled with collages, color, eroticism and complex emotions. Printed over pages from an old book on cactii, Delbrouck mixes vintage erotica prints, illustrations, clippings, drawings as well as occasional photographs of his ex-wife to experiment, think, feel and navigate his way through the chaos of life.

“Sometimes emerging from the scraps is Delbrouck’s ex-wife, whose memory lends this book moments of touching vulnerability and tenderness. It’s a compulsive read, whether with or without hope (one feels the former).”
― from “The Best Photo Books from Paris Photo 2022” (AnotherMag)


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Book Size
240 × 170 mm
96 pages
Publication Year
Limited Edition