TRANS ASIA (Tabloid)

TRANS ASIA (Tabloid)


Publisher: Place M

Published to coincide with Seiji Kurata's exhibition 'TransAsia, again!' in 2013 at Tokyo's Place M gallery, this publication contains a selection of images which were included within the exhibition. Accompanied with text by Seiji Kurata, thetabloid sized newspaper format of _TransAsia, again!_is a deliberate reference to its construction, immersingthe viewer within the stimulating travels and moments captured within the images of Kurata's seriesTransAsia. Documenting his encounters within countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Mongolia,_TransAsia, again!_is a condensed account of its larger body of work, bringing together both text and imagery the work creates the almost tangible sense of the capturedreality within the textured pages.

Text only available in Japanese.

Keywords: Asia Travel Snapshot

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