Umi o Watatte(Crossing the Sea)

Umi o Watatte(Crossing the Sea)


Publisher: Visual Arts College

This photobook is comprised of three parts; "Japan x Manchuria", "Japan x Myanmar", and "Japan x Brazil". In each section, photographs are assembled by location in a simultaneously progressing, top/bottom format.

In Part 1 "Japan x Manchuria," the top row consists of photographs depicting individuals who have been called Chugoku zanryuuhojin (Japanese nationals left behind in China after the war), and their lives in Japan. The bottom row consists of photographs of remnants of Manchukuo as well as the new young generation of Japanese who now work there. Each of the parts presents its theme in this way. In Part 2 “Japan x Myanmar,” the top row depicts life in Japan for Myanmar refugees living here, and the bottom row are photographs of Myanmar today, and of life in a Myanmar refugee camp located along the Thai-Myanmar border. Part 3 “Japan x Brazil” focuses on the lives of nikkei Brazilians in Japan and those of nikkei Brazilian immigrants living in Brazil, with the former on top and the latter on the bottom row.

It is my hope that these three parts can present and opportunity to share and integrate the experiences of the pas to that we might gain insight into the present; and also to examine Japan and what it means to be its people - as well as how we might build relations with other nations an their people.”

-Forward by Moyuru Tsurusaki Crossing the Sea

Moyuru Tsurusaki's Crossing the Sea brings together three bodies of work which explores the history and present situation concerning Japan and immigration in three parts. Published by AKAAKA Art Publishers, the photographs offer a comparative view into the varying experiences of both Japanese migrants and immigrants who have left and come to the country in search of a better life. Separated in three sections, the images present a compelling portrayal of life as migrant, from the Japanese nationals left behind in China (Chugoku zanruuhojin) after the end of WWII, the lives of Japanese nikkei Brazilians, to the introduction of the Refugee Resettlement program with Myanmar in 2010, Moyuru Tsurusaki brilliantly captures the lives and families of individuals, both past and present, presenting an engaging insight into Japan and its people.

Moyuru Tsurusaki's Crossing the Sea was the 2015 recipient of the 13th Visual Arts Photo Award. The panel of Judges include Daido Moriyama, Kotaro Iizawa, Yoshihiko Ueda, Masato Seto and Shunji Dodo.

Included within this publication is an afterword by Moyuru Tsurusaki and detailed listing of the photographic works.

All text available in Japanese and English.


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Book Size
263 x 370 mm
115 pages
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English, Japanese

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