Vacuum 01

No-frills street photography from eight artists in Japan and Taiwan

“Vacuum 01” is the newly launched official bulletin of Osaka-based Vacuum Gallery. The magazine will be published several times a year. This first edition dedicates each of its pages purely to the photography of its contributors. Words only appear to identify the upcoming artist and the name of his series. This lean, focused editorial approach mirrors the no-frills approach of Vacuum’s photographers (Jun Abe, Ryosuke Koshino, Nagisa Goto, Jade Chen, Yasuko Noguchi, Yuko Hirano, Kosatu Matsuoka, and Shogo Yamada), whose atmospheric, rich black-and-white photography seeks to find the tales hidden in everyday moments.

Keywords: Osaka Street Snap


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280 × 210 mm
168 pages, 84 images
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Vacuum 01

Jun ABE, Ryosuke KOSHINO, Nagisa GOTO, Jade CHEN, Yasuko NOGUCHI, Kosato MATSUOKA, Shogo YAMADA, Yuko HIRANO