Vacuum 02

Vacuum Gallery is back with the second issue of their no-frills street photography magazine.

The second issue of Osaka-based gallery Vacuum’s quarterly magazine features photographs from the streets of Osaka, Kobe, Taiwan and Shanghai, shot by eight contributors (Jun Abe, Ryosuke Koshino, Nagisa Goto, Jade Chen, Yasuko Noguchi, Yuko Hirano, Kosatu Matsuoka, and Shogo Yamada). The loose editorial policy (photographers are free to choose their own themes, use new and old photographs, and edit as they please) allows the photographers to play to their strengths, resulting in a magazine full of diverse and stimulating photography.

Keywords: Snapshot Street Snap


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280 × 210 mm
168 pages, 84 images
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Vacuum 02

Jun ABE, Ryosuke KOSHINO, Nagisa GOTO, CHEN Jade, Yasuko NOGUCHI, Kosato MATSUOKA, Shogo YAMADA, Yuko HIRANO