WONG Kan-Tai

Publisher: Inertia Books

Vajrayana is a collection of photos shot by Hongkong-based photographer Kan Tai Wong and his partner Ah Fai during a long journey to Buddhist temples that took them through India, Tibet, Nepal and the Himalayas. Wong first visited Tibet in 1991, having felt inexplicably drawn to the Buddhist country, and planned to conclude his photographic project within two or three years. Due to unforeseen circumstances and his and his wife’s growing interest in Tibetan Buddhism, their journey grew to reach much further than Tibet. Wong still considers the project incomplete.

“I witnessed the Ganges in the winter dawn — amid tranquility and serenity — while devotees dipped into the freezing water as vapour rising from the river glowed. I saw the whirling light and shade under the Bodhi trees by the Bodhgaya Diamond Block and heard the chanting of Nepal’s Amitabha nuns sounding like angels singing from heaven…

Now, whenever I smell the odour of burning Cypress leaves, I know I have returned to the land of the Tibetans.”
— from Kan Tai Wong’s afterword

Keywords: Documentary

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