’89 Tiananmen

’89 Tiananmen

WONG Kan-Tai

Publisher: Mahjong

In the foreword of the photo album ’89 Tiananmen, Hong Kong photographer Kan Tai Wong said in the summer of 1990, “If a camera is a ‘memory device’, the 63 black and white pictures printed herewith have undoubtedly documented what I have seen and contemplated during the 1989 Beijing democratic movement”.

In the wake of the 25th anniversary of the Beijing student movement, it is both timely and precious to take a look at the recently edited version of the photo album in which the photographer carefully re-examining his negatives, with subsequent highly selected black and white pictures increased to 108, including the enduring images of those youngsters which the photographer refrained from exposure 25 years ago.

Keywords: Protest Documentary

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