Vu Vu

Vu Vu


Publisher: HeHe

France-based painter Makiko Tanaka often uses people and landscapes of Paris, with hints of French culture, as a motif of her works, which are however portrayed as realistic but visionary, cute but dynamic imaginative figures.
Her recent publications of animations on the Shiseido “Hanatsubaki” Web and illustrations for “Kadan Haidan” on the Asahi Shimbun have gained recognitions, where we can see ambitious exploration of the painter, extended her treatment from simple drawings/illustrations to works with various materials and forms.
Vu Vu is the 2nd book of the artist covering wide-ranging expressive works from watercolors, drawings, pastels to ceramics, bound resplendently and gorgeously.

― Statement from publisher


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Book Size
300 x 182 mm
72 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese
Photographs of Ceramics
Haruka Fujita

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