Born in 1979, in Kobe, Hyogo pref.

Graduated from Visual Arts school, broadcasting & filmmaking department. Started her career in 2002 as a photographer, won Nikon Juna21 prize in 2003.

Her photographs show her obstinacy towards her family and are acclaimed for their uniqueness which are very physiologic and at the same time, somewhat comedic.

One of the most talked about up-and-coming photographers in Japan.


2008 "mama love" Akaaka Art Publishing Inc.
2013 "They called me Yukari" Zen Foto Gallery

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2004 "Unlucky Family" Nikon Salon (Tokyo, Osaka)
2005 "Tonomura HIdeka Shageki 103051" UPLINK (Tokyo)
2007 "Viva Hostess’s Life"Club Ginko (Tokyo)
2011 "mama 恋 love" trunk gallery81 (Korea, Seoul)
2013 "They colled me Yukari/mama love" Zen Foto Gallery (Tokyo)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2008 "THE EXPOSED#3" G/P GALLERY (Tokyo)
2009 "THEEXPOSED#4" CASO (Osaka)
2009 "Editors’ Choice" RING CUBE RICHO GALLERY (Tokyo)
2009 "8 Photographers Experiment"AKAAKA (Tokyo)
2011 "Japan India Global Partner Ship Summit 2011" the prince park tower (Tokyo)
2012 no found photo fair Paris (Paris)
2013 TOKYO PHOTO (Tokyo)
2013 foto fever photography art fear Paris Carrusel du Louvre (Paris)


Nikon Juna21

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