Love Songs - Photographies de l’intime

The photobook “Love Songs - Photographies de l’intime” was published to accompany the eponymous exhibition at the Maison Européenne De La Photographie (March 30 – August 21, 2022). Comprising fourteen series by some of the most influential and revered photographers of the past seventy years, “Love Songs - Photographies de l’intime” reviews the history of photograph through the lens of intimate relationships.

Featuring works by René Groebli, Nan Goldin, Nobuyoshi Araki, JH Engström & Margot Wallard, Motoyuki Daifu, Larry Clark and many more, the book explores the diverse ways in which different kinds of love, intimacy, sex and affection are expressed in photographs.

“Taking us through many different stories and scenarios photographed between different couples, from the first days of an affair, through marriages, honeymoons, domestic bliss and the pain of separation, even to the last days shared between loves, the intimacies shared on film are revealed in all their poetry and honesty.”
― from the MEP’s statement

Please note that all texts (including curator Simon Baker’s foreword and the explanatory texts introducing each artist and series) are available in French language only.


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275 × 190 mm
228 pages
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Annual Series No. 4

Christian PATTERSON, Alessandra SANGUINETTI, Raymond MEEKS, Wolfgang TILLMANS


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Love Songs - Photographies de l’intime

Nobuyoshi ARAKI, Larry CLARK, Nan GOLDIN, Sally MANN, JH ENGSTROM, RongRong&inri, Hideka TONOMURA, LIN Zhipeng aka No.223, Collier SCHORR, Motoyuki DAIFU, Various Artists