mama love


mama love


Publisher: akaaka-sha

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We’re liars all the same, you and me.

I wonder, how do others view the things I happened to photograph?

Look at the images. Hate, betrayal, they tell you, it’s all love in the end.

Life itself is just a comedy. I do nothing but photograph what I have to photograph.

Woman as mother, mother as woman.

- Hideka Tonomura


“Hideka Tonomura appeared in the photography world as a wildcat,

ferocious and feral about the art of photography, the art of love, of human contact, of sex.

This is a new type of threesome. Let’s try to meet a few times a month.”

- Nobuyoshi Araki


Hideka Tonomura's "Haha Love" is an intimate portrait of the photographer's mother, split into two distinct halves. The first part, shot in black and white, shows Tonomura's mother in bed with a lover. Tonomura obscures the lover, which brings the viewer's attention right to her mother's face. These photographs were difficult to take, and although there are elements of pain and complicity here, the series is intended as a statement of affection. In the second half, shot in color, we see her mother counting money, which was for a loan that needed to be paid back. Clearly, each part has a certain amount of tension, and the book taken as a whole is an intense exploration of the photographer's immediate family. Nobuyoshi Araki writes the Obi for this photobook saying "Playing around with the darkness."


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272 x 216 mm
134 pages
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