die of love Special Edition

Special Edition

die of love Special Edition


Publisher: Zen Foto Gallery

Edition of 30, unique Cheki for each. Please inquiry for further details.

This special edition of Hideka Tonomura’s “Die of Love” adds a limited print & signature to the photobook, which comes enclosed in a transparent vinyl bag which the artist sealed with red thread and needle.

Following earlier photobooks (“They Called Me Yukari”, “Mama Love”) in which Hideka Tonomura processed the seedier sides of life, her new work “die of Love” can be considered as her own “theatre of love” - a love story woven by happiness, sadness, difficulties and ridiculousness. Printed in thick, rich colors on fine, almost vulnerably thin paper, Tonomura’s images build towards an impression of the wavering between hope and despair in life.

“Love has no form
If love has a form,
let it be a photograph in the very end
It’s nothing but paper
Just laugh -
Life itself is ridiculous, after all

Ah, a tragicomedy, it is”

— Hideka Tonomura, "die of love"

Book Size
182 × 257 mm
116 pages, 86 images,
Softcover with 1 Polaroid
Publication Date
English, Japanese
Limited Edition
85 × 108 mm
instant film, unique piece

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