Aam Aastha: Indian Devotions

Aam Aastha: Indian Devotions

Charles FRÉGER

Publisher: Seigensha

Furry white monkeys with black faces, straw-clad figures with ghost-like masks, four-armed horse-faced gods and limb-less birds—in “Aam Aastha: Indian Devotions” the acclaimed French photographer Charles Fréger celebrates India’s highly heterogenic folk culture and religious rituals.

His portraits of people in man-made costumes modeled after gods, goddesses as well as human and divine heroes from local mythologies, folk legends and traditions across India capture the rich imagination of their subjects, their craftsmanship, the vivid colors and intricate patterns of their masks, headdresses and body paint. Through his unique style, Fréger conveys the essence of Indian culture by highlighting the rich tapestry of stories, beliefs, characters and religions at the heart of this diverse nation, and hints at the vital interrelation between the individual and the culture that surrounds them.

Please note that this is the Japanese edition of “Aam Aastha: Indian Devotions”. All text is included in Japanese language only.


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237 × 183 mm
324 pages
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