for tomorrow

for tomorrow

Motohiko HASUI

Publisher: LibroArte

Sceneries change depending on what you feel in the moment. I’m trying to capture sceneries and views through such filters of emotion.
These photos are different to those you would take if you were to leave your house with the intent of taking photographs.
Sometimes, I become very sensitive to smell. Not smells that you sense with your nose but smells that you sense with your feelings. In those moments, I am drawn towards the smell of the city, the smell of people, the smell of life. Sometimes I traverse towns I don’t know following only my sense of smell.
You may not have a particular place to go to, but if you get over yourself and leave the house, you’ll find yourself finding things you never imagined. When my feelings align with the scenery unfolding in front of me and I happen to have a camera on me, I’ll press the shutter button. (I almost always have a camera on me.)
Does this filter of feelings really exist? Does it become visible in photographs? Or is it just my imagination? In the end, finding the answers to self-doubts like that becomes another motivation for me to keep taking photos.
—from the artist’s statement (translation by shashasha)


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225 × 267 mm
80 pages
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