closed circuit

closed circuit

Ikuhisa SAWADA

Publisher: The White

"Closed Circuit: A Continuous Loop of Consumption and Entertainment"
— Osamu Kanemura (photographer)

Train stations, places no one really takes time to look at carefully, even though so many people come and go every day. Ikuhisa SAWADA started taking photos in the latter half of 2010, focusing on this clean and bright, impersonal public space.

The photobook "closed circuit" features a station, which temporarily took part in the "setsuden (saving electricity)" movement following the 2011 East Japan earthquake disaster, but soon returned to a world full of light. What emerges from the photos is a space mysteriously decolored in the pursuit of security, safety and cleanliness.

Art Direction by a veteran book and photobook designer Hideki NAKAJIMA. Essay by photo critic Kenji TAKAZAWA, with editorial contributions by photographer Osamu KANEMURA (SAWADA’s mentor). "closed circuit" is the first photo book of Ikuhisa SAWADA, who has been working as photographer since 2011.


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271 x 182 mm
98 pages, 63 images
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