substance type C

substance type C

Ikuhisa SAWADA

Publisher: RONDADE

For “Substance”, Japanese photographer Ikuhisa Sawada pointed his camera at details and patterns found in train stations, on staircases, walls or pillars and photographed them to look like exhibited pieces of modern art. Continuing from his previous photobook “Closed Circuit”, the color of choice is, without compromise, white and white only. With exceptional talent, Sawada looks at places we pass daily without taking note and manages to draws out a peculiar beauty in them. The photobook’s design combines six different paper sizes to form a layered, overlapping construct.
Available in three different editions, each featuring a transparent cover with different line patterns.


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Book Size
257 × 400 mm
120 pages
Transparent cover, screw binding
Publication Date
Limited Edition
300(type A + type B + type C)

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