DIARY Portraits of Mother and Garden


DIARY Portraits of Mother and Garden

Hiroyoshi YAMAZAKI

Publisher: ohsumishoten

Having noticed his mother’s fading memory two years prior, Hiroyoshi Yamazaki began taking a photograph of his mother and a photograph of his garden each day, from September 4th, 2001, until October 26th, 2004.
“Diary” chronicles this daily record of Yamazaki’s mother’s worsening condition, adding a short remark or note by Yamazaki for each day.

“When I read the diary again, I found myself reaching the limit of my patience at that time. I feel a pang of regret because I should have treated her more tenderly. At the same time, however, I believe I had a lot of good luck during that time. God could have given us a much worse scenario.
In editing this photo book, I put my mother’s note written in 1999 at the front. My mother in the photographs has been silent, but with this note I felt as if she started to speak loudly.”
— from Hiroyoshi Yamazaki’s afterword

“To Hiroyoshi
Thank you very much for all you have done.
I will leave this house quietly.
I will leave this house quietly.
Please don’t search for me.
from your mom”
— Hiroyoshi Yamazaki’s mother’s note

Book Size
175 × 240 mm
200 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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