Record & Instant: Documentary Photographs of Takashi Hamaguchi 1959-1968

Record & Instant: Documentary Photographs of Takashi Hamaguchi 1959-1968


Publisher: Nippouren

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I have never learnt the academic theory regarding photography as a record, even through experience, but was aware of the meaning and importance of documentation on a hunch. Whenever I came to something that I felt the need to record, I would travel across the country to do so at all costs. Before I knew it 10 years had past, and although with a narrow range of vision and subjects, I have records of incidents from the time, and as I compare these images I get a sense of a fragment of the transitions of the world over time. This series is merely a small record of what I have taken in that manner as a single cameraman of a small community

– Takashi Hamaguchi / Extract from Record and Instant



  • Anger (All Nippon Airways Accident)
  • Stone Throwing Incident at the marriage ceremony of the former Crown Prince of Japan
  • Matsukawa Incident
  • Returnees from Sakhalin
  • A town of white powder
  • Tsurumi Rail Accident
  • Niigata Earthquake
  • The worlds fastest train
  • Tokyo Olympics
  • Around the US military base
  • People challenging the Seikan Tunnel
  • Rikidozan and wrestling
  • Yobidashi Kotetsu’s retirement
  • ObaQ appears
  • Baby Boom occurs
  • National Foundation day
  • Prime minister Yoshida Shigeru’s state funeral
  • The commoners are thirsting
  • Memorial Demonstrations for Hiroaki Yamazaki
  • Koraasa77 sails across the Pacific Ocean
  • Toden disappears from Ginza street
  • Narita new international airport incident
  • Zengakuren
  • Shinjuku Demonstrations approved as crime
  • Hokkaido Earthquake
  • Hidakawa bus fall accident
  • The scars of the nuclear bomb are deep
  • Student activism turning into quagmire
  • Hamaguchi Takashi / Article by Masao Tanaka
  • Diary on Visit
  • Intimacy
  • Every second is precious
  • A summer to a new summer
  • A record of a year
  • Just air, and inside it
  • Capturing everyday life
  • What is thisdefinite loneliness and, insanity
Keywords: Photojournalism


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