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Resonating his previous publications Record & Instant, Shudders of Narita Airport and Student Radicals, Japan 1968-1969, Takashi Hamaguchi’s _Hym to the North Sea _is a beautiful documentation of the landscape and people of Hokkaido. Containing a selection of images taken over the course of 10 years, Hamaguchi's photographs work as an ode to those who are bound to the sea. Weddings, seasonal festivals and daily work are framed against the dazzling backdrop of the fantastic and immense forces of nature in which they stake out their livelihood and live out their lives. The portraits of people and landscape are lyrical and intimate reflecting Hamaguchi’s own passion and sensibility towards capturing the core of his subjects and the nature of the conditions in which they live.

Keywords: Work Documentary


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190 x 263 x 20 mm
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