Dream In Out

Dream In Out

Yurina OKADA

Publisher: artbeat publishers

“Dream In Out” collects new works by young Japanese artist Yurina Okada. The images in this series combine the two media of photography and painting, as Okada transferred photographs onto fragile surfaces, using the emerging cracks, faults and missing pieces as part of the final picture. As the pages progress, Okada begins to add layers to the images by painting over the cracks with gold (reminiscent of the traditional Japanese technique of kintsugi for repairing broken pottery) and other paints.

Her interventions add a warm fragility and delicacy to the images, and crucially, the combination of processes from photography and painting does not result in a comparative amalgamation or an examination of their relationship but rather suggests the existence of a new realm, one in which the expressive strength and precision of one medium is pursued through means borrowed from the other.


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318 × 236 mm
84 pages
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