Fukushima 2011-2017

Fukushima 2011-2017


Publisher: Misuzu Shobo

On March 11, 2011, Fukushima Prefecture was struck by an earthquake, a tsunami. A resulting nuclear accident caused large areas of land - where humans had for centuries co-existed with and cultivated the nature - would suddenly become uninhabitable. Using remote-controlled flying drones, photographer Shoji Tsuchida began a longlasting documentation project.
In his photobook Fukushima 2011-2017, Tsuchida contrasts scenes taken soon after the catastrophe with pictures taken years later at the exact same location, and thereby carves out the manifold changes that previously habitated landscapes have already undergone in the absence of human life.

“This photo collection is a chronicle of the breakdown of the symbiotic relationship between human beings and nature. The scenes it depicts may presage the future of a civilization that has been relentless in its pursuit of material wealth at all costs. Through these artistically stunning photographs one can hear the lament of the land they portray.”

— From the publisher’s statement

Keywords: Fukushima Landscape
Book Size
298 x 298 mm
196 pages
Publication Date
English, Japanese

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