Good Luck China

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Good Luck China


Publisher: akaaka-sha

ERIC was born in Hong Kong and lives in Japan, but he did not visit China until 2005, when he took the pictures that would become “Good Luck China”. Although ERIC cannot speak Mandarin, he says that he felt a special connection with the Chinese people as he photographed them-something he'd never felt before when photographing people around the world. The photos in “Good Luck China” show this interest in people: each page shows a candid portrait of one or more people, shot in rich color. (Perhaps it's no accident that there's red in almost every photo.) ERIC takes the same direct look at people throughout China, including far-flung locations like Tibet and Inner Mongolia, as well as Beijing, which was in preparation for the 2006 Beijing Olympics. The large size of “Good Luck China” complements his 6x7 shots well.

Includes an English translation of text by the photographer.

― from the publisher's description

Keywords: China Street Snap

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Book Size
297 × 280 mm
138 pages
Art Director
Jun Kawana
Publication Date

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