Good Luck Hong Kong Special Edition (D)

Special Edition

Good Luck Hong Kong Special Edition (D)


Publisher: Zen Foto Gallery

“I can’t get enough of the thrill” – Hong Kong-born photographer @ericolour’s photobook “Good Luck Hong Kong” is now also available as a special edition.
In addition to the signed photobook, the box also includes a large print (five different images available).

Eric’s “Good Luck Hong Kong” is filled with a plethora of faces, taken with a flash and at close-range, of the many different characters populating the streets between Hong Kong’s high-rise buildings.

““For me, what makes a person standing in front of me a human appears to be made up of three things, combined in a three-dimensional manner: common factors we share as humans; national characteristics; and personality.
Through photographs, new interests arise. For me that curiosity has only strengthened — it has become my living adrenaline now. This adrenaline is born from the pleasure in taking photographs. Walking ahead, step by step, looking and shooting without hesitation — it’s that moment that does it. I can’t get enough of the thrill.”
(from Eric’s afterword)


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Book Size
297 × 210 mm
100 pages
Softcover, codex binding with cover
Publication Date
Art Direction
Osamu Ouchi
English, Japanese, Chinese
Limited Edition
Colour print handprinted by the artist
print size
8 x 10 inches
30 (select from 5 images, limited to 6 copies each)

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