I Have Decided To Call It Love


I Have Decided To Call It Love



Following his debut photobook “Waisha,” Japanese photographer Python Nakamura’s new book “I Have Decided To Call It Love” presents a loose story told through photographs of an unnamed woman (the “she” in Nakamura’s foreword) and flowers within the cityscape. In contrast to Nakamura’s debut book, “I Have Decided To Call It Love” works with quiet restraint to convey its romantic atmosphere. Through the combination of finely selected detail moments (his hand holding hers, her skirt revealing a leg, a peckish lick of ice cream) and flowers blooming – often in unexpected places – within the concrete city, the sensation of browsing Nakamura’s book is like the first few weeks of being in love, the world glowing, and flowers growing everywhere.

“I did not pay attention to flowers
until I met her

She loved flowers
before we met

Every day, whether it rains or not

I started taking pictures of flowers
to send to her and to make her happy”

— from Python Nakamura’s foreword

All texts included in Japanese & English translation.

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