"Slaughter" B

"Slaughter" B

Masahisa FUKASE

Publisher: SUPER LABO

limited, five different covers

Masahisa Fukase's_Slaughter_marks the most recent publications of the artist's works since his death. Captured in the summer of 1963, the photographs which would result from this series would represent the pivitol moment in which the photographer's relationship with then model Yoko would begin, leading to the publication of the iconic photobook Yoko by Asahi Sonorama in 1978. Photographed in a slaughterhouse in Shibaura close to Tokyo Port, Fukase captured a series of strong black and white images of his model posed and cloaked in various positions in which Fukase instructed. Cloaked and positioned side by side metal hooks and stainless steel work tables within the slaughter house, the images within this series have been otherwise largely unseen only being published previously in part.

Slaughter beautifully reproduces Fukase's vintage works, published by Super Labo this publication includes an afterword entitled 'The Incurable Egoist' written by his ex-wife Yoko Fukase (now Miyoshi), first published in 1973 in Shashinka hyaku-nin kao to sakuhin for Camera Mainichi.

Book Size
W216 x H280 mm
32 Pages, 19 images
Publication Date
Limited Edition
750(5 cover images x 150)

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Masahisa FUKASE



Masahisa FUKASE


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