Wonderful Days

Wonderful Days

Masahisa FUKASE

Publisher: roshin books

limited, with original postcard (limited availability)

Masahisa Fukase and his wife, Yoko, began their new married life moving in to Matsubara-danchi residential complex of Soka, Saitama in 1964. they were soon joined by a Siamese cat named Kabo. A few years later Fukase brought home a black cat that he had picked up on the way home from fishing- a cat which he named Hebo. From then on the couple lived their day-to-day life with these two cats.

This photo collection was made from the few remaining vintage prints from that time. The work is joined by another series of photos of a cat named Sasuke which Fukase had a special affection for.

Keywords: Cat Snapshot

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Masahisa FUKASE



Masahisa FUKASE


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