Masahisa Fukase (English Edition)

Masahisa Fukase (English Edition)

Masahisa FUKASE

Publisher: Éditions Xavier Barral

Following the Japanese-language release of the 2018 Masahisa Fukase retrospective, French publisher Xavier Barral follows up with an English version.
Thanks to extensive editorial work by Tomo Kosuga (director of the Masahisa Fukase Archives) and Simon Baker (director of the Maison Européenne de la Photographie), the book lays out the career and private life of one of Japan’s most innovative and radical photographers of his generation.
Through thoughtful text and representative works selected from 26 of Fukase’s series (famous series such as “The Solitude of Ravens” or “Memories of my Father”, collages, underwater self-portraits, and images combining painting with photography), this comprehensive book manages to both showcase the genius and inimitable allure of Fukase’s photography as well as explore what it was that Fukase was seeking to achieve in his medium.

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Masahisa FUKASE



Masahisa FUKASE


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