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Katsumi OMORI

Publisher: MATCH and Company Co., Ltd.

The approach of Katsumi Omori to the world in ‘incarnation’ seems the similar concept as his former title ‘Stars and Stripes’.
The photographs were taken in Shibuya, Tokyo, filled with young people’s energy in the hottest days under beautiful sunlight this summer.
People absolutely anonymous in cloud are captured from the fixed level of his eyes.
Only one point or nothing is focused on each image because he aims to stare feeling and having inside of people ever-present through their figures.

Often his shoot was done at specific places and days, but his work is not a sort of documentary as he tries capturing to involve some universality of memory, time and persons in his photography.

Since early period of his career, more than twenty years ago, his approach to matters in society with his another eye in mind through the lens has not changed.

Keywords: Tokyo Street Snap

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Book Size
300 x 315 mm
40 pages, 18 photo reproductions
Publication Date
Limited Edition
M label No.13

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Katsumi OMORI

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