Ishimoto Yasuhiro Centennial

Ishimoto Yasuhiro Centennial


Publisher: Heibonsha

“Ishimoto Yasuhiro Centennial” is the official catalogue published on occasion of the large-scale exhibition of the same name, held in three parts at the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, the Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, and the Museum of Art, Kochi.

The catalogue offers a comprehensive introduction to all series of the extremely versatile photographer, who would have turned 100 years old in 2021. Ishimoto was a key figure of 20th century Japanese photography both through his creative work and by introducing and utilizing many international trends and maintaining connections into the worlds of design and architecture.

Split into three sections, the book first presents photographic plates from Ishimoto’s many series (among them early works taken in Chicago, portrait photography, series on the Katsura Imperial Village as well as modern architecture, multiple-exposure works, and street snaps from Shibuya), then offers commentary notes and finally longer essays by world-renowned architect Arata Isozaki as well as the curators of the exhibitions. An extensive appendix featuring a chronologic overview of Ishimoto’s life, a list of his exhibitions and a list of works is also part of the book. All texts are included in Japanese and English translation.

“One century after Ishimoto’s birth, we live in a world in which traversing countries, cultures, and thoughts has never been easier—while at the same time the difficulties posed by that mobility have never been so apparent. Viewed from across the divide of time, what wisdom does Ishimoto’s gaze offer for us who live in the present? These commemorative exhibitions provide the opportunity to share our discoveries.” (from the foreword)

Keywords: Architecture


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English, Japanese

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