Matsue (Reprint)

Matsue (Reprint)

Shoji UEDA

Publisher: BSS

A rare photobook by Japanese master photographer Shoji Ueda finally available again

The photobook “Matsue” was originally published in 1978 by Sanin Broadcasting Systems, a broadcasting station based in Tottori and Shimane Prefectures.
It contains 130 carefully selected images that Ueda had taken in the city of Matsue, which was close to his home in Tottori Prefecture, around the year 1960. Sitting between the genres documentary, landscape, candid and staged photography, the images in “Matsue” take us through a year in the life of the city, marked by seasonal events and changes in the weather. The large size of the pages allow Ueda’s photographic mastery to unfold before the reader’s eyes, his gentle world-view, brilliant compositions and subtle humor.
The book includes long essays by writer Taneichiro Kanto as well as a foreword by writer Torahiko Tamiya. All texts in Japanese.


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Book Size
302 × 216 mm
187 pages, 130 images
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