Eden LAI

My photography is a continuing process. It's about collisions between the unexpected and obscure.

These images were not meant to document the people, objects or sceneries that happened in the present, but to capture the images that had passed. My photographs collect the resonance of my inner self, containing a mix of memories and curiosity in a daily dose.

To turn that resonance into a pure significant image I needed to record frequently. During this process, the amount of captured images increases. This introduces many thoughts, doubts and insights for me from time to time.

I question what is photography? How should I interpret photography?

I searched the answers by continuously shooting and then realised that photography is not going to provide the answer.

I lived within the obscure capturing the unexpected that occurs in my life. It's an ongoing conversation between me and my daily life.

— from the artist’s statement

Keywords: Street Snap


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Book Size
215 x 153 mm
Publication Date
Chinese, English
Limited Edition

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