Penang Record 2015

Penang Record 2015

Kenny NGEden LAIONG Hean-Kuan

Publisher: Self-published

Three perceptions of a single city — in PENANG, local photographers Kenny Ng, Hean Kuan Ong and Taiwanese photographer Eden Lai record their individual encounters with the Malaysian city. United by one common criteria - «Attitude» -, the publication reflects the differing «foreign» and «local» approaches of the three photographers and their attempts to define their own style in the saturated world of street photography.

"The exploration experience was like peeling an onion, it was peeled layer by layer but nothing was left inside in the end. This signifies a perception that "Street Photography" is merely just a photographic style and it shouldn’t be limited by strict definitions and hence the term "real street photography" is deemed vague."

"Instantly, I was enlightened with all the well-said thoughts that brought me back to the fundamental of photography. All we do is photography, and nothing more. If a title is a must, then the name of the place best fit the purpose! This is what was concluded from our explorations and discussions."

-from Hean Kuan’s statement

Keywords: Street Snap


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210 x 148 mm
144 pages
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